For over 125 years, our department has been a leader in psychological research and graduate training. Building on an extraordinary history, the department today embraces a broad, interdisciplinary vision of modern psychological science. We invite you to browse our website to learn about our faculty and our research, the Ph.D. program, and undergraduate teaching. We hope this website successfully communicates our efforts to push the boundaries of our science to impact the larger world around us.

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Darcy Waller gets wired up

Study Finds That a Surprise Stimulus Helps People Stop an Action

Imagine reaching to pet your cat, and it hisses at you. How does your brain take stock of the sound and communicate with your body to pull back your hand?

Neuroscientists are interested in how the brain communicates with the motor system to help your body stop an action. This communication is vital because it helps us avoid surprises and react to potentially dangerous or unforeseen circumstances.

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Isabel Ramos Granja Reed | BA 2018, Psychology

Isabel Ramos Granja Reed | BA 2018, Psychology

Isabel Ramos Granja Reed is a finalist to be the student speaker at the December 2018 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Commencement ceremony. As a transfer student who joined the University of Iowa as a junior, Isabel’s pathway to Commencement is a little different than most of her fellow graduates—but her Iowa experience has been no less meaningful. She is graduating with Distinction, having completed the major in Psychology and earned the Certificate in Non-Profit Management.

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