BA in Psychology

The BA track of the psychology major prepares students to enter the workforce or pursue a graduate degree. You’ll learn from top researchers and educators and be empowered to apply your psychological knowledge in a wide variety of careers including management, marketing, social services, human resources, health care, and other people-centered fields.

BS in Psychology

The psychology BS degree is a great choice for students interested in research professions. This degree requires additional research methods and evaluation coursework. It also includes specific natural science and quantitative reasoning courses. You’ll learn how it all fits together, conduct important research alongside professors, and master the skills you need to shine academically and professionally.

BA in Neuroscience

We are in an era of intense interest in neuroscience, the field of scientific inquiry focused on elucidating how the brain and central nervous system function.
The Neuroscience degree is an interdisciplinary major administered by the Department of Biology and the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, in cooperation with the Iowa Neuroscience Institute. Our curriculum ensures that you will have broad exposure to the study of neuroscience—from molecules and cells to behavior and cognition—and the opportunity to work in the laboratories of top neuroscientists across campus.

Minor in Psychology

The Psychology Minor is a good choice for students pursuing a variety of majors.
The Psychology Minor requires 15 sh of graded PSY coursework, at least 12 of which must be completed at the UI in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. Students can apply one non-UI psych course or AP psych exam credit to the minor.

Neuroscience Majors can apply one course from the Neuroscience Major to the Psychology Minor.

BA/MPH Dual Degree Program

One program, two degrees: Earn a BA in psychology and a Master’s of Public Health degree in just five years.
The joint BA/MPH is offered in conjunction with the Community and Behavioral Health program in the College of Public Health. The program is highly selective and requires students to apply to the College of Public Health in the spring of their junior year. If you’re interested in this program, contact the College of Public Health for additional information.