Provide support, guidance, and unique experiences

Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UGTAs) with the support and guidance of a faculty can provide supplemental instruction in and out of the classroom. UGTAs provide essential administrative activities that facilitate course implementation. UGTAs offer supplementary learning opportunities (e.g., review sessions) to provide additional supports that students would not otherwise receive. UGTAs develop important skills and knowledge not typically gained through other course work.

What you'll be doing

Administrative Activities

  • Take and distribute lecture notes for students with approved accommodations
  • Proofread and help draft quiz and exam questions
  • Work with online platforms (e.g. ICON, Top Hat, etc.) to create and distribute course material
  • Attend and contribute to instructor meetings 
  • Provide insight into the student experience to improve instruction 
  • Hold weekly instruction/office hours 
  • Tutor individual students or hold review sessions for exams
  • Communicate 1:1 with students to address administrative or course content questions
  • Complete FERPA and sexual misconduct and sexual misconduct reporting trainings (note this is required prior to the start of instruction)

Curriculum Development & Implementation 

  • Research course content for the instructor to use in lessons
  • Explore best practices in teaching and learning to integrate into instructional practices
  • Create a lesson plan or prepare learning activities and other class related material
  • Help students during an applied lesson in the classroom or help students who need guidance in a lab
  • Facilitate group work in the TILE classroom or in smaller discussions within a lecture or section under the supervision of an instructor
  • Lead a discussion or portion of the class under the supervision of the faculty member

Students serving as UGTAs usually register for Teaching/Advising Practicum in Psychology (PSY:3997) under the supervision of a faculty member. This course offers students the opportunity to earn 1-3 semester hours of credit by working as an undergraduate TA. The Teaching/Advising Practicum is offered on an S-F basis only. Alternately, students in the University of Iowa Honors program can earn credit via: HONR:3100 Honors Teaching Practicum.

Other options: Supplemental Instruction Leader or Learning Assistant.