An unparalleled undergraduate experience

No matter what career path you ultimately choose, you’ll be interacting with people—so the more you understand about what makes the people around you tick, the more you will stand out among your professional peers.

The human brain is amazing. And people are fascinating. So it’s not surprising that psychology is the most popular major in the entire University of Iowa.

The brain shapes our personalities. It controls our thoughts, behaviors, emotions, and sensations. We still know surprisingly little about its inner workings—but scientists are making incredible new discoveries every day, and professionals in a broad range of fields are applying those discoveries in innovative ways.

You can be part of this exciting frontier by majoring in psychology at Iowa. The BA track often leads our students toward graduate school and also offers a great foundation for careers such as counseling, business,  management, marketing, social services, public health, and human resources, to name a few. The BS track leads toward graduate school and careers in scientific labs and college-level classrooms.