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Susan Wagner Cook

Susan Wagner Cook
Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2006
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Research Interests

Cognitive development; hand gesture; embodied cognition; mathematical cognition; language production and comprehension

Primary Research Area

Developmental Science

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Representative Publications

Cook, S. W., Duggan, K. A., Friedman, H. S., Cui, J., & Popescu, V. (2017). Hand Gesture and Mathematics Learning: Lessons from an Avatar. Cognitive Science, 41, 518-535.

Hilverman, C., Cook, S. W., & Duff, M. C. (2016). Hippocampal declarative memory supports gesture production: Evidence from amnesia. Cortex, 85, 25-36.

Cook, S. W., Duffy, R.G. & Fenn, K. M. (2013). Consolidation and transfer of learning after observing hand gesture.  Child Development, 84 (6), 1863-1871.

Cook, S. W. (2011). Abstract thinking in space and time: Using gesture to learn math.Cognition, Brain, Behavior, 15, 553-570.

Cook, S. W., Yip, T., & Goldin-Meadow, S. (2010).  Gesture makes memories that last.  Journal of Memory and Language, 63, 465-475.

Cook, S. W. & Tanenhaus, M. K. (2009). Embodied understanding: Speakers’ gestures affect listeners’ actions. Cognition, 113, 98-104.

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