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Mark Blumberg

Mark Blumberg
Department Chair
F. Wendell Miller Distinguished Professor
Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1988
378 PBSB
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315 SLP
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Research Interests

Neural bases and functions of sleep; sensorimotor development; developmental neurophysiology; biological rhythms; development and evolution of behavior

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Representative Publications

Blumberg, M. S., Lesku, J. A., Libourel, P. A., Schmidt, M. H., Rattenborg, N. C. What is REM sleep? Current Biology, 30: R38-49, 2020.

Del Rio-Bermudez, C., Kim, J., Sokoloff, G., & Blumberg, M. S. Active sleep promotes coherent oscillatory activity in the cortico-hippocampal system of infant rats. Cerebral Cortex, bhz223, 2020. 

Dooley, J. C., & Blumberg, M. S. Developmental "awakening" of primary motor cortex to the sensory consequences of movement. eLife, 7: e41841, 2018.

Mukherjee, D., Sokoloff, G., & Blumberg, M. S. Corollary discharge in precerebellar nuclei of sleeping infant rats. eLife, 7:e3821, 2018.

Del Rio-Bermudez, C., Kim, J., Sokoloff, G., and Blumberg, M. S. Theta oscillations during active sleep synchronize the developing rubro-hippocampal sensorimotor network. Current Biology, 27:1413-1424, 2017. 

Tiriac, A., & Blumberg, M. S. Gating of reafference in the external cuneate nucleus during self-generated movements in wake but not sleep. eLife, 5:e18749, 2016. 


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