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Jiefeng Jiang

Jiefeng Jiang
Assistant Professor
373 PBSB
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Research Interests

neurocomputational mechanisms of complex behavior; learning and memory of task structure and cognitive control demand; aging of executive function; computational modeling of cognitive processes; model-based neuroimaging analyis

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Representative Publications

Lee, W-T., Hazeltine, E., Jiang, J. (in press). Interference and integration in hierarchical task learning. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.
Wessel, J.*, Jiang, J.*, & Stolley, J. (2021). Action errors impair active working memory maintenance. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.
Madore, K. P., Khazenzon, A. M., Backes, C. W., Jiang, J., Uncapher, M., Norcia, A. M., & Wagner, A. D. (2020). Memory failure predicted by attention lapsing and media multitasking. Nature, 587(7832): 87-91
Jiang, J., Wang, S. F., Guo, W., & Wagner, A. D. (2020). Proactive control in context: Context-cued predictions of task demands facilitate perceptual decisions in virtual environments. Nature Communications, 11:2053
Jiang, J., Beck, J., Heller, K., & Egner, T. (2015). An insula-frontostriatal network mediates flexible cognitive control by adaptively predicting changing control demands. Nature Communications, 6:8165

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