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Jan Wessel

Associate Professor (Psychological & Brain Sciences, Neurology)
376 PBSB
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Research Interests

  • How do suprising events affect thoughts and actions?
  • How can humans cancel impending movements when necessary?
  • How can humans identify and correct action errors?

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Representative Publications

Wessel, J. R. (2020). β-bursts reveal the trial-to-trial dynamics of movement initiation and cancellation. Journal of Neuroscience40(2), 411-423.

Wessel, J. R., Waller, D. A., & Greenlee, J. D. (2019). Non-selective inhibition of inappropriate motor-tendencies during response-conflict by a fronto-subthalamic mechanism. Elife8, e42959.

Dutra, I. C., Waller, D. A., & Wessel, J. R. (2018). Perceptual surprise improves action stopping by nonselectively suppressing motor activity via a neural mechanism for motor inhibition. Journal of Neuroscience38(6), 1482-1492.

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