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Grazyna Kochanska

Grazyna Kochanska
Stuit Professor of Developmental Psychology
Ph.D., University of Warsaw
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Research Interests

Social development, Processes of socialization, Development of conscience, Parent-child interaction, Child temperament and its role in social development, Developmental psychopathology

Primary Research Area

Social Psychology

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Representative Publications

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Goffin, K. C., Kochanska, G., & Yoon, J. E. (2020). Children’s theory of mind as a mechanism linking parents’ mind-mindedness in infancy with children’s conscience. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology. Published online, January 2020,

Kim, S., & Kochanska, G. (In press).  Family sociodemographic resources moderate the path from hard-to-manage temperament to parental control to disruptive behavior in middle childhood. Development and Psychopathology.

Boldt, L. B., Goffin, K. C., & Kochanska, G. (In press). The significance of early parent-child attachment for emerging regulation: A longitudinal investigation of processes and mechanisms from toddler age to preadolescence.  Special Issue on “Parental Socialization of Emotion and Self-Regulation: Understanding Processes and Application,” Developmental Psychology. DOI: 10.1037/dev0000862.

Miller, J. E., Kim, S., Boldt, L.J., Goffin, K. C., & Kochanska, G. (2019). Long-term sequelae of mothers’ and fathers mind-mindedness in infancy: A developmental path to children’s attachment at age 10.Developmental Psychology,55(4), 675-686.;

Kim, S., & Kochanska, G. (2019).  Evidence for childhood origins of conscientiousness: Testing a developmental path from toddler age to adolescence. Developmental Psychology, 55, 196–206.

Brock, R. L., & Kochanska, G. (2018). Anger in infancy and its implications: History of attachment in mother-child and father-child relationships as a moderator of risk. Development andbPsychopathology. doi:10.1017/S0954579418000780

Kochanska, G., Boldt, L. J., & Goffin, K. C. (2018). Early relational experience: A foundation for the unfolding dynamics of the parent-child socialization enterprise. Child Development Perspectives.  Published online, October 26. DOI: 10.1111/cdep.12308


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