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Dorit Kliemann

Dorit Kliemann
Assistant Professor

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Research Interests

Neural basis of social cognition; Compensation and reorganization; Social information processing; Amygdala; Functional connectivity; Autism Spectrum Disorder; Brain lesions; Human neuroimaging (fMRI); Brain-cognition-behavior relations.

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Representative Publications

Kliemann, D., Adolphs, R., Tyszka, J. M., Fischl, B., Yeo, B.T.T., Nair, R., Dubois, J., Paul, L. K. (2019). Intrinsic functional connectivity of the brain in adults with a single cerebral hemisphere. Cell reports29(8), 2398-2407.

Kliemann, D., & Adolphs, R. (2018). The social neuroscience of mentalizing: challenges and recommendations. Current Opinion in Psychology.

Kliemann, D., Richardson, H., Anzellotti, S., Ayyash, D., Haskins, A. J., Gabrieli, J. D., & Saxe, R. R. (2018). Cortical responses to dynamic emotional facial expressions generalize across stimuli, and are sensitive to task-relevance, in adults with and without Autism. Cortex103, 24-43.

Saygin, Z. M.*, Kliemann, D.*, Iglesias, J. E., van der Kouwe, A. J. W., Boyd, E., Reuter, M., Stevens, A., Van Leemput, K., McKee, A., Frosch, M. P., Fischl, B., Augustinack, J. C . (2017). High-resolution magnetic resonance imaging reveals nuclei of the human amygdala: manual segmentation to automatic atlas. NeuroImage, 155: 370-382. (* authors contributed equally to this work)

Kliemann, D., Dziobek, I., Hatri, A., Baudewig, J., & Heekeren, H. R. (2012). The role of the amygdala in atypical gaze on emotional faces in autism spectrum disorders. The Journal of Neuroscience32(28), 9469-9476.

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