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Cathleen Moore

Cathleen Moore
Ph.D., University of California-San Diego, 1994
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Research Interests

Visual Perception, Attention, Object Perception, Perceptual Organization

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Representative Publications

Johnson, M. L., Palmer, J., Moore, C. M., Boynton, G. M. (2020). Cueing effects for detection can be accounted for by a decision model of selective attention. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review.

Moore, C. M., Stephens, T., & Hein, E. (2019). Object correspondence: Using perceived causality to infer how the visual system knows what went where. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics.

Attarha, M., Moore, C. M., & Vecera, S. (2016). The time limited statistician: Temporal constraints on the establishment of summary representations.  Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 42, 1497-1504. doi:10.1037/xhp0000255

Jardine, N. L., & Moore, C. M. (2016). Losing the trees for the forest in dynamic visual search. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 42, 617-630

Fiedler, A., & Moore, C. M. (2015). Illumination frame of reference in the object-reviewing paradigm: A case of luminance and lightness. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 41, 1709-17, doi: 10.1037/xhp0000123.


Attarha, M., & Moore, C. M. (2015). The perceptual processing capacity of summary statistics between and within feature dimensions. Journal of Vision, 15(4):9, 1–17, doi:10.1167/15.4.9


Yigit, S., Palmer, J., & Moore, C. M. (2011). Distinguishing blocking and attenuation in selective attention. Psychological Science, 22, 771-780. DOI: 10.1177/0956797611407927

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