Bridging the Gap in Psyience (BGP) is a collaborative program between psychology and neuroscience departments, designed to increase wellness and retention of BIPOC students in graduate programs at the University of Iowa by providing a social and professional community for its members.

BGP events focus on socializing through events like potlucks and physical activities, and on professional development by hosting a speaker each semester to discuss overcoming the next steps in our careers. Overall, BGP aims to collectively find solutions for issues disproportionately affecting BIPOC students with a goal of helping to fill the gap in the training of BIPOC psychologists and neuroscientists.

List of Events

  • Navigating Psychology Speaker Event: Dr. David Moser, B70, date TBA

Contact information

Ariel Kershner
Bridging the Gap in Psyience, President 

People smiling at the camera while sitting on yoga mats during a BGP event