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  • A student in the Hank Virtual Environments Lab
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  • A student in the Hank Virtual Environments Lab
  • A student giving a presentation
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texting pedestrians

UI Studies Safer Road Use by Texting Pedestrians

Would you trust a warning sent by a car?

University of Iowa researchers want to know the answer to this question and others in order to make the nation’s roads safer. That’s why Anna (not her real name) is participating in a study by crossing a virtual street at the UI’s Hank Virtual Environments Lab. Located in MacLean Hall on the UI campus, the Hank Lab allows pedestrians to encounter realistic traffic situations in a safe, computer-simulated environment.

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Undergraduate Profiles

Noreen Jeglum with her mentor Molly Nikolas

Noreen Jeglum | Faculty Mentor: Molly Nikolas

Noreen Jeglum, a senior studying psychology, has been a research assistant in the Iowa ADHD and Development Lab since her freshman year. 

“[Jeglum] has been just a phenomenal research assistant,” Professor Molly Nikolas said. “She’s very bright and motivated.” 

Nikolas added that Jeglum is incredibly busy and takes on a lot of responsibility, but is still always very enthusiastic and organized. 

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