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Written Reflection Guide

A written reflection must be submitted at the end of each capstone experience in the non-thesis route. Before the start of finals week, the student submits the reflection to the supervisor of the experience for review and signature. Once that supervisor has signed, the student emails or delivers the signed title page of the written refection to one of the PBS academic advisors (Deb Johnson or Janeil Page-Jamison) by Wednesday of finals week if they are graduating that semester, or by Friday if not graduating. 

Title Page Template

Copy and paste this list of 12 items into your title page. Leave the bold text but replace the italicized text with the relevant information.

1. Title: Your title for the experience/report

2. Student Name:    

3. Semester & Year: The semester in which it was completed

4. Course and Credits: List the title and number of the independent course/practicum that was associated with your experience. Also include the number of credits you are formally earning for your enrollment in that course/practicum.

5. Type of Experience:  Either a) research, b) external internship, or c) teaching/mentoring 

6. Intended Graduation Date: 

7. Supervisor’s Name:   

8. Supervisor’s Evaluation of Experience Performance (Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory):

9. Time Committed: Was the student’s involvement commensurate with these timing guidelines (Yes or No)?

For research and teaching experiences, the amount of time a student spent on the experience should be at least 6-9 hours per week for a fall or spring semester (but more per week during the summer semester). For an external internship, the required hours are higher. CCP:1005 requires 10 service hours per week, and CCP:1201 requires 75, 150, or 225 credit hours total for enrollments of 1, 2, or 3 credit hours, respectively.  

10. Supervisor’s Evaluation of Written Reflection (Satisfactory/Needs revision/Unsatisfactory):  

11. Supervisor’s Signature:

12. Supervisor’s Comments:   Leave two double-spaced lines empty for an optional comment 

The Reflection Template/Prompts

Copy and paste this list of questions and insert your answers throughout. 

1. Briefly describe the roles and duties you had during the experience. (50-150 words) These might or might not match with the plans you mentioned in the Pre-Launch Agreement for this experience. If your roles and duties changed during the course of your experience, describe this change and the reasons for it.

2. What skills and/or knowledge did you develop or improve during the experience? What experiences did you have that led to this outcome? (250-400 words)

3. What challenges did you experience? Did you overcome those challenges or find ways of addressing them?  Explain why (& how) or why not. (50-100 words)

4. What is something you now think you should have done more of in this experience?  Why? (50-100 words)

5. Did psychology courses you have completed support your ability to thrive in and/or learn from this experience?  In what ways? (50-150 words)

6. Do you think this experience will have a professional benefit(s) after you graduate?  Why/how? (250-400 words)

7. What are some of the most important ways in which this experience has changed you?  (250-400 words) (e.g., your beliefs, your attitudes, your thoughts about science, your goals, your approach to working with others)