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Waiting List Policies for the Psychology Dept.

There are many more students seeking enrollment in some Psychology courses than can be reasonably accommodated.

Students can add their name to course waiting lists on MyUI anytime after the course fills and before the end of the first week of classes.  There is no need to contact the instructor. 

If a seat becomes available MyUI will notify the first student on the list and will allow that student 24 hours to claim the seat.  If the seat is not claimed, MyUI will contact the next student on the list. 

Once the semester begins students MUST attend class if they are on the waiting list.  Course instructors will take roll for waiting list students (to confirm which students are still actively trying to add the class).  Students are removed from the waiting list for non-attendance.

NOTE:  Please be aware that being on a waiting list does not assure eventual enrollment in the course.