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Online/Guided Independent Study (GIS) Courses

Undergraduate psychology majors may choose to earn course credit through online study programs, including the University of Iowa Guided Independent Study Program (GIS).  These courses can be used to satisfy some University of Iowa General Education requirements, requirements for the Psychology major, requirements for any Liberal Arts minor, or as elective hours needed for the 120 semester hours required for graduation.

University of Iowa online/GIS study classes are listed on MyUI and students register for these courses at the same time they enroll in other classes (generally November and April). 

There are many Psychology courses available through the Guided Independent Study Program.

Students may elect to utilize Guided Independent Study courses to second-grade option any course that was initially completed at the University of Iowa.

Students may have up to two semesters to complete GIS courses.  If the coursework is not finished by the end of the first semester the student is automatically assigned an Incomplete and given an extension.  Failure to complete the course by the end of the second semester will result in the student earning an F in the course.

NOTE:  Students receiving financial aid may be required to complete the course in one semester.  Students are advised to check with the Financial Aid office (Calvin Hall) to clarify whether they must complete the course in a single semester.

For more information please contact the Division of Continuing Education.
Phone: 319-335-2575 or 1-800-272-6430