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Checklist for the Psychology Minor

A Psychology minor requires completion of 15 semester hours of coursework from the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences.  

                  *All 15 sh must be in classes with a PSY course code. The presence of the word "psychology" in a course name does not indicate that the course is offered by the  Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences.  

                  *At least 12 of those 15 hours must be completed in the Psychology Department at The University of Iowa .  

                  * All courses for the minor must be graded (not P/F or S/F) 

                  * A 2.0 overall GPA in minor classes is required

                  *Students can count credit for AP Psychology (requires a score of 4 or 5 on AP exam)  OR  one transfer class as part of the minor.   

                   *  Only one course can be "double counted" for the Psych minor and Neuroscience major.  Neuroscience majors will complete 4 Psychology classes not included as part of their Neuroscience BS.  

Departmental prerequisite rules apply to students pursuing the minor.  That is, all students must complete Elementary Psychology before any other Psychology course.  All 3000-level courses require the completion of PSY:2811 Research Methods and Data Analysis I and the appropriate lower-level elective as prerequisites. 

Students can “declare” a minor on MyUI (Student Information section).  Students must inform the Registrar’s Office of their desire to have a minor listed on their transcript at the time of applying for a degree.

Checklist for the Psychology Minor

 Required Introductory Course

________ PSY:1001  Elementary Psychology   (3 sh)


 Courses that have Elementary Psychology as a prerequisite

                 ________ PSY:1010  Learning About Learning  (1 sh)

                 ________ PSY:2105   Understanding Social Influence (1 sh)

                 ________ PSY:2130   Advanced Psychology for Pre-Med Track  (3 sh)

                 ________ PSY:2301   Introduction to Clinical Psychology     (3 sh)

                 ________ PSY:2401  Introduction to Developmental Science   (3 sh)

                 ________ PSY:2501  Introduction to Social Psychology   (3 sh)

                 ________ PSY:2601  Introduction to Cognitive Psychology   (3 sh)

                 ________ PSY:2701  Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience  (4 sh)

                 ________ PSY:2811 Research Methods and Data Analysis I   (3 s.h.)

                 ________ PSY:2812 Research Methods and Data Analysis II--also requires completion of PSY:2811   (3 s.h.)

                 ________ PSY:2910  Industrial Organizational Psychology (3 sh)

                 ________ PSY:2920  The Damaged Brain (3 sh)

                 ________ PSY:2930  Abnormal Psychology: Health Professions   (3 sh)

                 ________ PSY:2975   Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience (3 sh) 

Upper-Level courses

  Most  students pursuing a minor do NOT take upper-level courses because of the many prerequisites.

      All upper-level courses require students to complete the following prerequisite courses. 

  • PSY:1001  Elementary Psychology 
  • PSY:2811  Research Methods and Data Analysis I
  • At least one of the lower-level electives (Intro to Clinical Psych, Intro to Developmental Science, Intro to Social Psych or Intro to Cognitive Psych)