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Business Careers

Why Major in Psychology?

Employers in business settings know psychology majors will have a strong foundation in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data. A psychology background can be useful in a business setting in order to improve the productivity, health, and quality of work life for employees. Psychology majors who go on to work in human resources may help an organization with staffing, training, and employee development. Having a background in psychology may provide individuals skills in testing and assessments in order to determine optimal selection in hiring and promotion processes. Psychology majors may also go on to work as management consultants, who have knowledge in areas like strategic planning and quality management and may also help employees to cope with organizational change. Psychology majors may also have an interest in studying consumer behavior—what influences people to make certain decisions—which can be important in a variety of business-related positions.

Sample job titles with a bachelor’s degree

Human Resources specialist
Sales Associate
Marketing Associate

Sample job titles with a master’s degree

Human Resources Manager 
Sales Director 
Marketing Manager

Sample job titles with a doctoral degree

Industrial-Organizational Psychologist
Research Scientist

Special Considerations

Students should plan on supplementing their psychology coursework with additional courses in business and/or additional areas of interest (nonprofits, engineering, counseling, government). Gaining experience through an internship or other job-related experience is important in giving students practical experience outside of the classroom environment. An advanced degree will allow for more opportunities to work in management and consulting positions.