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Supervisory Role for Internships as Honors Capstone Experiences

The PBS Department faculty member is not the supervisor for the student’s daily or weekly performance at the external internship.  Rather they supervise the related components of the experience as required for honors in the major.  

As described in the main instructions under Capstone for the Non-Thesis Route, this includes discussing and approving a Pre-Launch Agreement, as well as evaluating and approving the student’s Written Reflection at the end of the experience. The faculty supervisor may also check in with the student throughout the semester. The faculty supervisor is not solely responsible for determining whether an internship is legitimate or appropriate, because the internships are vetted through the Pomerantz Career Center. However, as part of the Pre-Launch Agreement, faculty supervisor will have initial conversations with the student as to what the student hopes to gain from the experience and how it may contribute to future career/educational goals.