The Scientific Reason Men Think You're into Them When You're Not

Tuesday, April 11, 2017 - 7:00am

Research confirms what many women already know: A woman’s appearance doesn’t necessarily translate to how attracted she is to a guy — and seeing interest where it may not exist can lead to sexual assault. But here’s the good news suggested by a recent study: By shifting their focus from a woman’s appearance to emotional cues, MEN CAN BE TRAINED TO GAUGE SEXUAL INTEREST MORE ACCURATELY.

Study lead Teresa Treat, of the University of Iowa, had earlier found that men who are more apt to be sexually coercive and aggressive rely more on physical attractiveness and less on emotional cues, like body language, when judging women’s sexual interest in them. “This suggests there’s a confusion about what a man is feeling himself and what a woman appears to be communicating,” Treat says. She and her colleagues want to develop methods that improve men’s accuracy in judging how women feel about them in a given moment.

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