Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences Announces 2017 Spence and Lewis Award Winners

Monday, May 1, 2017 - 4:45pm
Amanda (Ward) Brunette and Carlos del Rio Bermudez

The Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences is delighted to announce this year’s recipients of our Spence and Lewis Awards.  

The Spence Award was established by Janet Spence in honor of her late husband, Kenneth Spence, a long-time Chair of our department.  The Spence Award recognizes a senior-level graduate student in the program who has demonstrated outstanding achievement across all domains of his or her work: research, teaching/assistantship, and service.  

Amanda (Ward) Brunette is this year’s recipient of the Spence Award.  Congratulations to Amanda and to Dan Tranel, her advisor. 

The Lewis Award was established in honor of Don Lewis, a long-time Professor in our department, to recognize a senior-level graduate student conducting experimental research who has demonstrated especially great promise of becoming a highly productive scientist.  

Carlos del Rio Bermudez is this year’s recipient of the Lewis Award.  Congratulations to Carlos and to Mark Blumberg, his advisor.