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Psychological and Brain Sciences Brown Bag Seminar: Ryan Glanz

Wednesday, February 26, 2020 - 11:30am
Psychological and Brain Sciences Building

Psychological and Brain Sciences Departmental Brown Bag Seminar

Ryan Glanz, Psychological & Brain Sciences, The University of Iowa

"Tuning Properties of Motor Cortical Neurons in Infant Rats"

Abstract: Although primary motor cortex (M1) is a prototypical motor structure, its motor functions develop relatively late in mammals, including humans. In fact, long before M1 assumes it motor functions, it behaves exclusively as a sensory structure. In this talk, I describe developmental changes in the sensory tuning properties of M1 neurons. I recorded neural activity in the motor cortex of infant rats at postnatal day 8 and 12 while simultaneously tracking the trajectories of self-generated forelimb movements using a machine-learning tracking system (DeepLabCut). I will show how M1 neurons respond differentially across age to the amplitude and direction of forelimb movements and will put forward a model to explain these age-related changes and their implications for M1 development.