Research Groups, Centers and Laboratories

Many faculty maintain their own laboratory web pages that describe their research interests and ongoing projects. Links to these pages are provided below.

Research Groups and Training Areas

Research Groups and Training Areas
Behavioral & Cognitive Neuroscience
Clinical Science
Developmental Psychopathology
Developmental Science
Health Psychology
Social Psychology
Visual Perception

Programs, Centers and Institutes

Programs, Centers and Institutes
Behavioral-Biomedical Interface Training Program
Delta Center (Development & Learning from Theory to Application)
Iowa Neuroscience Institute

Research Laboratories

Research Laboratories
Lab Director
Addiction and Memory Lab Professor Ryan Lalumiere
Attention & Motor-Perceptual Systems (AMPS) Lab Professor J. Toby Mordkoff
The BAT Lab Professor Mark Blumberg
Child Lab Professor Grazyna Kochanska
Clinical-Cognitive Science Lab Professor Teresa Treat
Cognitive Neurology Lab Professor Jan Wessel
Developmental Psychopathology Lab Professor Isaac Petersen
Hazeltine Action and Cognition Laboratory Professor Eliot Hazeltine
Health, Brain & Cognition Laboratory Professor Michelle Voss
Iowa Depression and Clinical Research Center Professors Michael W. O'Hara and Scott Stuart
Iowa ADHD and Development Lab Professor Molly Nikolas
InCoDe: Infant Communication Development Lab Professor Julie Gros-Louis
Iowa Attention & Perception Lab Professor Cathleen Moore
Judgment, Decision, & Social Comparison Lab Professor Paul Windschitl
Language and Memory Laboratory Professor Prahlad Gupta
Lutgendorf Psychoneuroimmunology Laboratory Professor Susan Lutgendorf
Mechanisms of Audio-visual Categorization Laboratory Professor Bob McMurray
Neuroscience of Learning Lab Professor John Freeman
Radley Lab Professor Jason Radley
Stigma and Motivation Lab Professor Rebecca Neel
Perceiving, Acting, & Thinking Laboratory Professor Jodie Plumert
Quantitative Methods and Modeling Group Professor Kristian Markon
Visual Cognition Laboratory Professor Shaun Vecera
Wasserman Comparative Cognition Laboratory Professor Edward Wasserman