Kristian Markon

Kristian Markon
Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 2007
302 STH
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Research Interests: 

Individual differences, psychopathology, and genetics; statistical modeling of observational data, including model formulation, estimation, and inference; meta-analysis

Training Areas: 
Representative Publications: 

Markon, K. E. (Forthcoming). Information utility: Quantifying the total psychometric information provided by a measure. Psychological Methods.

Markon, K. E., Chmielewski, M., & Miller, C. J. (2011). The reliability and validity of discrete and continuous measures of psychopathology: A quantitative review. Psychological Bulletin, 137, 856-879.

Markon, K. E., & Krueger, R. F. (2006). Information-theoretic latent distribution modeling: Distinguishing discrete and continuous latent variable models. Psychological Methods, 11, 228-243.

Markon, K. E., Krueger, R. F., & Watson, D. (2005). Delineating the structure of normal and abnormal personality: An integrative hierarchical approach. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 88, 139- 157.