• Stochastic Block Model of Psychopathology Indicators (Markon & Jonas, 2016)

Welcome! The Quantitative Methods and Modeling Group is directed by Dr. Kristian Markon. Our group researches questions about how to model individual differences, especially as they relate to psychopathology and functioning. This includes topics related to mental illness, personality, statistical modeling and inference, measurement, and neurobiology and genetics. Our research often makes use of statistical and computational simulations and analysis, meta-analysis, and analysis of large representative datasets, among other resources. Dr. Markon has particular research interests in information-theoretic and Bayesian inference, latent variable and other forms of multivariate modeling, psychological and behavioral measurement, meta-analysis and integrative data analysis.


Dr. Kristian Markon
Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences
Stuit Hall
335 East Jefferson Street
University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242

Lab Email: kristian-markon@uiowa.edu
Lab Phone: 319-335-2809