Join the Lab

Joining the MACLab

Prospective Graduate Students

The MACLab is currently accepting new graduate students. Students from any background interested in the areas of speech perception, speech development, word learning, computational modeling, or categorization are encouraged to apply. Interested students should contact Bob McMurray.

Prospective Post-doctoral Fellows

The MACLab typically supports one to two Postdoctoral Fellows. Our postdocs comes to us from a variety of different academic backgrounds including psychology, neuro-science, linguistics and other related fields. Inquiries about these positions from recent or forthcoming PhDs should be directed to Bob McMurray.

Prospective Undergraduate Research Assistants

The MACLab is always looking for intelligent, tech-savvy, and self-motivated students interested in researching psycholinguistics, speech perception, and speech development. Current undergraduates at the University of Iowa are invited to apply for for-credit research assistant positions.

Each undergraduate research assistant is paired with a graduate student or staff member in the lab and receives one-on-one hands on training in multifaceted research projects. You'll help with designing programs for controlling eye-tracking experiments; model infant development with neural networks and statistical models; and synthesize and analyze speech. You'll also be involved in data collection, recruitment, and stimulus design. Those seeking to do an honors project are also encouraged to apply.

In particular, we're looking for someone who:

  • Learns new skills quickly
  • Has experience with Matlab, Visual Basic, Microsoft Access or Experiment Builder
  • Has an interest in perception, cognition, speech recognition or language
  • Is self-motivated and curious
  • Is comfortable with math and computer science

Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to