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Welcome to the ADHD and Development Laboratory in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at the University of Iowa! Find our main office in 202 Stuit Hall.

Our Mission

Our lab is specifically interested in exploring the gene-environment interplay processes that underlie the development and persistence of ADHD from childhood through adolescence and young adulthood. We are interested in specifying the genetic risk factors and gene x environment interactions that contribute to ADHD among youth and young adults. In addition, we are interested in exploring the relationships between ADHD, comorbid externalizing psychopathology, neuropsychological functioning, and temperament/personality in individuals with the disorder. The goal of our research is to specify the causal factors that underlie the development and persistence of ADHD and to inform the development of new intervention and prevention efforts for ADHD youth.

Our Methods

Our lab emphasizes measurement at multiple levels of analysis, including genetic factors, neurocognitive functioning, temperament/personality, family environmental processes, and life stressors. The purpose of this multi-level approach is to specify the complex developmental pathways that underpin ADHD across development.

Our lab headquarters is located in 202 Stuit Hall on the University of Iowa Campus.

For questions or comments, please contact us by phone at (319) 335-3519 or by email at iowa-adhdlab@uiowa.edu.