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Julie Gros-Louis, PhD

Julie Gros-Louis PhD - InCoDe



Graduate Research Assistant/Lab Manager

Rachael Anderson

RachaelI am from Burlington, Iowa and I am in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling MA program. I was an undergrad RA in the lab for 2 1/2 years before starting as lab manager this fall. An interesting fact about me is that one of my favorite things in life is pugs. While I don't have an actual pug (yet), I have a pug statue, mugs, clothing, beverage coasters, calendars, a pillow, and door stopper. All of these items have caricatures or pictures of pugs on them. I was interested in joining the lab: Learning more about how parents influence the progression of language; learning more in depth about the research process.


Undergraduate Research Assistants

Abigail Denque

AbigailI am currently a senior at the University of Iowa from Washington state. I am majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders with a certificate in Disabilities Studies and a minor in Psychology. I am currently enrolled in the honors program at the university and volunteer weekly at the Center of Disabilities and Development at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. I am planning on applying to graduate school this year in the hopes of becoming a speech and language pathologist. I want to work with children and I am interested in learning more about augmentative and alternative communication devices as well as working with individuals with autism and those who associate with Deaf culture. I wanted to join the Infant Communication Development Lab because I have always been intrigued by how children learn and how they communicate with others. 


Kelsey Blocklinger

KelseyI am from Coralville, IA and I am human physiology major. I plan to go to medical school and then I would love to do something in Pediatrics! I’ve always been very interested in how kids learn to communicate, especially when they’re at such a young age. I joined InCoDe because working in this lab gives me the opportunity to study how children learn to pick up on these non-verbal and verbal cues from their parents, and then we are able to track this progression over the course of several months. I also enjoy working with all of the families that visit our lab and watching their kids grow up right along with them!  



Emily Nolte


I am currently a junior and I am from Elburn, Illinois. I am majoring in Speech and Hearing Science and I am interested in becoming a speech and language pathologist. I wanted to join the Infant Communication Development Lab becauseand psychology has always been an interest of mine and infant communication relates to my major and future career. Also, my older sister Alyssa worked in the InCoDe Lab when she was at Iowa.








Elizabeth Klaawon

ElizI grew up in Norwalk, IA and I am currently a junior majoring in Speech and Hearing Sciences with a minor in Psychology. The thing that really got me interested in joining this lab was because it did not only touch base with my minor but it also included a lot of key aspects of my major as well. I look forward into seeing how this lab will help shape and prepare me for my future career interests.






Emma Tyrrell

EmmaI am from Waukee, Iowa and I am a Sophomore majoring in Psychology. I'd like to work with kids someday in a clinical mental health counseling setting, I also have an interest in educational psychology and rehabilitation counseling. An interesting fact about me is that I knitted three different scarves over the course of a week last summer. I was interested in joining the InCoDe Lab to gain lab experience while working around babies, plus I think it's fascinating to watch infants change and grow!  







Kathryn MacDonald

Kathryn I am a junior from Wheaton, Ilinois majoring in Psychology and Spanish. I started at the University of Iowa studying Therapeutic Recreation with the hopes of becoming a Certified Child Life Specialist. As I got older, I found myself more interested in the counseling side of psychology rather than the clinical side. I had Professor Julie Gros-Louis for my Developmental Psychology class and her passion for child development inspired me. Interesting fact about me: I am fluent in Spanish!


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