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About InCoDe

The Infant Communication Development Lab focuses the interrelation between social interactions and communicative development. How do infants communicate with parents before they learn language? How are prelinguistic vocalizations used in social interactions and how do parents interpret vocalizations during social interactions? How do parents’ responses to vocalizations affect the development of more complex communication? Some questions we aim to answer include:

  • Do infant vocalizations influence parent behavior during social interactions?

  • Does infants’ eye gaze indicate to parents what infants want or what they are interested in?

  • Does it matter where infants look when they vocalize (or when they point) in terms of how parents respond to infant behavior?

  • Do mothers and fathers respond differently to infant communication behaviors?

  • Do responses to early communication behaviors relate to language and/or gesture development?

InCoDe Lab
E5 Seashore Hall

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Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
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