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Honors Pre-Launch Agreement

Prior to the start of any capstone experience, you (the student) and the supervisor for the experience must discuss and approve the plans for the experience. This is the Pre-Launch Agreement. The initial discussion can happen in person or by email, but ultimately the agreement must be documented somehow, usually by email. 

After preliminary discussion with the supervisor, you should send an email to the supervisor that outlines plans and goals for the experience. Specifically, it should include answers for the 8 items below. Copy and paste this list into the email to get started. Leave the numbers and text for each item, and you can add your answers after the text.  You should ask the supervisor to reply with an approval, which could be as simple as a reply of “looks good,” or with suggested changes. Once you have an approval email from the supervisor, save it and hold onto it. You should then immediately complete the brief Launch Survey.   

1. Your name:

2. The semester/dates of the experience:

3. Is this is a thesis experience, a non-thesis research experience, an external practicum, or a teaching/mentoring experience:

4. The independent coursework or practicum in which you will enroll (there should be two enrollments if this is for an external practicum, one of which is PSY:3996): 

5. The number of credits for the enrollment(s) mentioned in #4: 

6. An approximation of the amount of time spent on the activity per week (For research and teaching experiences, this should be 6-9 hours per week for a fall or spring semester, but it may be more per week for experiences during the summer semester. For an external internship, the required hours are higher. CCP:1005 requires 10 service hours per week, and CCP:1201 requires 75, 150, or 225 credit hours total for enrollments of 1, 2, or 3 credit hours, respectively.): 

7. A brief description of what the main activities would be:

8. A statement of what you hope to gain from the experience: