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Honors Launch Survey

Immediately after formalizing your Pre-Launch Agreement, you should complete the Launch Survey, which is a brief Qualtrics survey.  The link for this Qualtrics-based Launch Survey is not yet ready.  It’s coming soon—available sometime in Summer 2022.

The survey will ask you to answer the following questions – many of which are from the Pre-Launch Agreement:

1) Your name

2) The semester/dates of the experience

3) Whether this is a thesis experience, a non-thesis research experience, an external practicum, or a teaching/mentoring experience

4) The independent coursework or practicum in which you’d enroll 

5) The number of credits for the enrollment(s) mentioned in #4.

6) An approximation of the amount of time spent on the activity per week (For research and teaching experiences, this should be 6-9 hours per week for a fall or spring semester, but may be more per week for experiences during the summer semester. For an external internship, the required hours are higher. CCP:1005 requires 10 service hours per week, and CCP:1201 requires 75, 150, or 225 credit hours total for enrollments of 1, 2, or 3 credit hours, respectively.)

7) A brief description of what the main activities would be

8) A statement of what you hope to gain from the experience

9)  Please verify that you have completed a Pre-Launch Agreement with your supervisor:

-- Yes, I have an email reply from my supervisor that approves the Pre-Launch Agreement
-- Yes, the supervisor signed a paper version of a Pre-Launch Agreement 
-- No, I don’t have any documentation of a Pre-Launch Agreement with my supervisor

** If no, please get the approval before submitting this Pre-Launch survey.

10) Is this your first or second capstone-relevant experience?  (The thesis route only involves one; the non-thesis route requires two.) 

11) If it is your second capstone-relevant experience, in which semester did you complete your first experience and who was your supervisor?

12) What is your intended graduation date?