Lab home in Psychological and Brain Sciences Building (PBSB)


Magnetic Resonance Research Facility (MRRF) 

We do our scanning at MRRF, which includes a mock scanner, a research-dedicated 3T scanner, and coming soon is a research-dedicated 7T scanner. The mock and research scanners are all equipped for conducting cognitive testing in the scanner and continuous physiological monitoring during scanning. 

Exercise lab at MRRF 

We also have an exercise lab in shared space within the Magnetic Resonance Resarch Facility (MRRF). This lab is directly adjacent to the research scanner, and is used for studying acute effects of exercise on brain function. This room is also equipped for collection of biological data such as saliva sampling and blood draws. 

Exercise Physiology Lab (EPL) at Health and Human Physiology (HHP)

We share in an exercise testing lab at the field house in HHP, led by Dr. Gary Pierce. This lab is equipped with a motorized treadmill and a Corival Lode ergomenter linked to an ECG system and a ParvoMedics system for measuring physiological data during exercise testing. HBC lab students and staff are trained to conduct exercise testing.