Glossary of Terms for the Experimental Analysis of Behavior

Our goals in this glossary are to introduce you to the basic terms of behavioral analysis and to show you how they are related to your everyday life.

Authors of the glossary: Brittan Barker, Joy Kreider, Jessie Peissig, Greta Sokoloff, Maura Stansfield.

All living things behave. The fact that we and other animals are always doing something throughout our lives led Schoenfeld and Farmer (1970) to describe the ongoing flow of responding as the behavior stream.

The experimental analysis of behavior divides that behavior stream into discrete parts for identifying the fundamental laws of behavior.

One of the first psychologists to divide the behavior stream into discrete parts for experimental analysis was B. F. Skinner. The three analytical terms that Skinner devised are included in his notion of the three-term contingency.

B. F. Skinner

B. F. Skinner