• APS 2013: Halley Woodward, Marianne Rizk, Teresa Treat
  • APS 2014: Marianne Rizk, Erin Church, Teresa Treat, Jodi Smith
  • Halley Woodward, Jodi Smith, Marianne Rizk, Rosaura Orengo-Aguayo
  • Blair Wisco, Ashley Gearhardt, Teresa Treat, Frank Farach, Meg Morean
  • Deanne, Sydney, and Frank Farach; Ashley Gearhardt, Teresa Treat, Blair Wisco, Meg Morean
  • Marianne Weierich, Shirley Wang, Melanie Dirks, Frank Farach
  • Dick McFall, Melanie Dirks, Coreen Farris, Teresa Treat
  • Teresa Treat, Coreen Farris, Rick Viken, Dick McFall
  • Melanie Dirks, Shirley Wang, Mariann Weierich, Frank Farach, Blair Wisco, Dick McFall, Ashley Gearhardt
  • Will Corbin, Meg Morean, Sarah Rabbitt, Blair Wisco, Ashley Gearhardt, Frank Farach
  • Teresa Treat, Marsha Marcus, Liz McCabe
  • Teresa Treat, Blair Wisco, Melanie Dirks, Meg Morean
  • APSes: Coreen Farris, Ashley Gearhardt, Melanie Dirks, Mariann Weierich, Halley Woodward
  • Marianne Rizk, Sophie Foster, Frank Farach

Director: Teresa Treat, Professor & Collegiate Scholar

Current Graduate Students

Marianne Rizk

  • I am interested in college-aged women's perceptions of food healthiness. In one line of work, I investigate nomothetic and idiographic aspects of nutrient-specific (i.e., fat, fiber, sugar, protein) perceptions of food healthiness.  I also explore the perceived healthiness of foods that vary as a function of portion size and food type.

Jodi Smith

  • I investigate men’s perceptions of women’s sexual interest as it relates to sexual aggression on college campuses.  Methods from cognitive science are employed to understand online decisional competition between two alternative judgments and how that decisional competition is moderated by clinically relevant individual differences.  Additionally, I am interested in the relationship between explicit beliefs and more implicit behavior, as observed in the laboratory.   

Current Post-BACs

  • Chris Oehler

Current Undergraduates

  • Chioma Onuigbo
  • Phoebe Snydersmith
  • Audry Taylor

Undergraduate Honors Theses

  • Chioma Onuigbo, "Does Alcohol Consumption Increase Perceived Justifiability of Male-Initiated Unwanted Sexual Advances?" (2017-2018)
  • Jamie Smuskiewicz, "Enhancing Women’s Perceptions of Food Healthiness" (2015-2016)
  • Hannah Hinkel, "Contextual Influences on Men's Perceptions of Women's Sexual Interest" (2014-2015)
  • Erin Church, "Enhancing the Accuracy of Undergraduates' Perceptions of Women’s Sexual-Interest Cues" (2013-2014)

Lab PhDs

Current Faculty Collaborators