Training Grant

The training program is supported by a pre-doctoral training grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (1T32GM108540-01).  The aims of the grant are to support efforts to train graduate students in psychology to combine their behavioral expertise with cutting-edge biomedical methodologies in order to unravel mechanisms associated with health and disease.  The training grant provides students with training in one of three broad areas: Lifespan Brain Health, Psychobiology of Chronic Disease, and Women's Health and Disease. 

Students admitted to the training program are eligible to for apply training grant support at the end of their first year to cover their second year of training.  This support then may be renewed for the student's third year of training.  Only U.S. citizens can apply for training grant support, but non U.S. citizens may participate in the training program.  The training program is highly committed to diversity and students from diverse backgrounds as well as students with disabilities are encouraged to apply.