Toby Mordkoff J. Toby Mordkoff 


University of Iowa



Rose DanekRose (Halterman) Danek

PhD 2010 - Established the parallels between human contingency learning in the context of simple visual-manual tasks and several phenomena of classical conditioning, including blocking, over-shadowing, and conditioned inhibition.

(now at) Lyon College


Peggy ChenPeii "Peggy" Chen

PhD 2007 - Discovered and then explained why attentional capture by salient events produces a negative cuing effect on simple RT when large numbers of display locations are used.

(now at) Kessler Foundation


Marc GrosjeanMarc Grosjean

PhD 2002 - Discovered a new form of stimulus-response compatibility based on stimulus and response durations; this effect is the largest in the literature, often more than doubling mean response time.

(now at) IfADo in Dortmund